About Us

I'm Michelle!

Hello there and welcome to our shop! I grew up as a military dependent and served as well in the U.S. Air Force. After the military, I worked in the accounting field up until the age of 50, and that's when I decided life was too short to not do what I absolutely love and so I enrolled in culinary school! I come from a long line of fabulous Southern cooks and have been fortunate to merge my love of food with photography.

As a single mom, trained chef, and foodie-at-heart, I love to create and cook recipes ranging from quick and easy weeknight meals to more elaborate meals for special occasions. Food makes my heart sing and I welcome the opportunity to offer delicious recipes and photos to you and your readers!

I'm Jackie!

Hi bloggers! I was raised by my mom, Michelle, in good ol' northeast Texas. I work as a UX researcher by day and spend the nights cooking away in my kitchen while my lovely cat, Nyx, watches from the doorway.

I developed a love for cooking after moving out to attend college at UNT back in 2019. This is where I used my friends as personal taste testers and they were happy to oblige. My favorite food to cook and eat is Mediterranean after going on a solo trip to Greece pre-covid, but I hope to keep expanding my skills and abilities!